29th August 2014

Did You Know That An Emergency Evacuation Can Cost
More Than $100,000?

It’s a reality. That’s why a DAN Membership, with Worldwide Emergency Evacuation Coverage as a primary benefit, is an essential element of every diver’s kit

DAN Membership is also vital for the Peace of Mind that comes from knowing you are prepared for the unexpected and that you will be cared for in an emergency situation by a dedicated team of specialists.

With DAN Membership, not only are you covered for emergency evacuation, it also means you are part of, and contributing to, a worldwide network committed to enhancing the safety of scuba diving and reducing the incidence of injury within the recreational diving community.

Being a DAN Member also means you’ll receive a great range of member-only benefits, from a subscription to Alert Diver magazine, to a broad range of travel assistance benefits (TravelAssist), access to Bonus+ and our Emergency Medical Database, plus much more.

In addition to Membership, DAN Asia-Pacific offers a range of optional Dive Injury Insurance policies for Members to choose from, which were created to cover the often-substantial treatment and other associated costs following a covered dive accident.

To discover the full range of Membership Benefits, to learn more about our range of optional Dive Injury (Treatment) Insurance options, or to become a Member, following the links below.

Diving Safety is a Shared Responsibility. Read DAN AP Executive Director, John Lippmann's ARTICLE HERE to learn more about the steps DAN AP implemented in the hope of promoting safer diving practices.

Become a DAN Member and let the experts in diver accident management do the utmost to take care of the unexpected so you can focus on what’s most important … enjoying your diving!

And with over 300,000 DAN Members worldwide you'll definitely be in good company